Kevin Verpaele is an Excellent Businessman and Family Man

July 20, 2019
Kevin Verpaele

Even though Kevin Verpaele was born in Elmhurst, Illinois, but he has lived most of his life in Florida. He grew up in Merritt Island and graduated from Merritt Island High School in 1999, for example, and then attended the University of South Florida on a football scholarship, where he became a starting safety, while also being married and raising a child. A testament to Kevin Verpaele’s sense of family responsibility comes with his willingness to leave football practice early to pick up his daughter from her child care facility before closing. He wore his entire uniform every time and returned to finish practice immediately after. His dedication was so impressive, he was made team captain for his senior year.

If Kevin Verpaele is prouder of anything other than his family, it’s impossible to determine what that might be. He will happily tell anyone about his oldest daughter, the one he broke football practice to pick up from day care and who is now a sophomore at the University of Alabama. He will proudly note that she has made the Dean’s List and has a high GPA.

That may be why his five other children are similarly successful. A few of them are too young to have accomplished anything so far. But he has little doubt they all will be successful someday. After graduating college, he and his family moved to a home in Melbourne, in Brevard County. Since then, Kevin Verpaele has managed to accumulate a lot of work experience in many areas, such as the time he spent as a configuration manager for the Space Lift Range Systems at Patrick Air Force Base.